We Are Addicted To Launching Disruptive Web3 Apps and Innovative Software

We are a team of full-stack developers and entrepreneurs that have a knack for launching disruptive tech products and companies. If you invest in innovative technology then we have the tech ventures you've been looking far and wide for.

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Game-changing technology starts with an leading edge tech stack. We use:
What Does Dynama Build?

We Build Apps That Harness Powerful New Tech From Web3, Real-Time-Communications And AI

The grand vision of Web3 is to take the web back from the tech juggernauts and put it back into the hands of the people. We believe that modern technology finally brings this dream to arms reach and are committed to being key players in making it a reality.

We are also focused on changing the way people think about real-time-communications by harnessing powerful and underused technology. We plan to change the standards in this space when it comes to annonimity and performance forever.

Finally, we are not letting the AI revolution pass us by either. AI is a key theme in all our apps and ventures and we harness everyday to make our team more efficient than ever before.

Learn About Our Ventures
Our Target Industries

Web3, Crypto and Blockchain

We've developed a powerful peer to peer video streaming tech stack and custom crypto payment processing solution and have other innovative solutions for the decentralized web

eCommerce And Online Retail

We've developed an innovative plugin that let's any eCommerce store become a group shopping, social experience. Think about it as a "virtual mall"

Video Streaming and Entertainment

We're launching an innovative video streaming entertainment platform that utilizes our decentralized streaming technology on a mass scale

A Closer Look At Our Tech Stack

We use cutting-edge tech that gives a clear advantage at solving the really BIG problems. Check out how we make the most of these technologies:

Peer to Peer Real-Time-Communication

A Web3-Friendly Data Channel

High-Octane Browser Performance

Bring Native Performance To The Web

Ethereum's Smart Contract Language

For Writing Code-Driven Contracts

Lightening-Fast Processing Power

The Modern Cousin Of C

A Versatile JS-Based Server Language

Tried, Test And Versatile

Beautiful Modern Web Design

CSS With Superpowers

Socket IO
Bi-Directional Server-Client Communication

Truly Real-Time Apps

Flexible Storage A Dynamic World

The Leading NoSQL Database

Static Content Delivered In An Instant

Blazing-Fast Server Language

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Peer to Peer Real-Time-Communication

WebRTC is a real-time, peer to peer, video conference, file exchange and general data exchange protocol. When strategically used in conjunction with other technologies this protocol is a great fit for Web3 apps.

Invest In Amazing Tech Today

Book a call with us and learn about how our technology is poised to change the world as we know it. Our cutting-edge tech ventures are the investment opportunity you've been waiting for.

Learn About Our Ventures
A Message From The Founder

Arianna Scianaro - President

An image of Arianna Scianaro the founder of Dynama Inc.

"I am passionate about making tech ideas into businesses and working with talented people to make that happen.

For years I have been building businesses in the tech space - taking an innovative idea and implementing the steps to make it operate as efficiently as possible. I have always had an interest in emerging tech and taking huge ideas down into he reality of how they are going to work on a daily basis… mainly driven by my love of lists!

Finding talented people and running a team is something I am truly motivated by, and I am always excited to lead and inspire the people around me to be their best. No matter how great an idea, it can't become a thriving business unless there is a winning and happy team, all working toward the same goal."